Mechanics Edit

  • Damage, defense, accuracy, evasion, and speed are highly reliant on level.
  • Critical hits are red numbered attacks that have a chance to bounce the enemy. If the enemy is bounced/staggered, there is another chance that it can't act for the rest of the turn.
    • When this happens, they are prone to attacks as they cannot evade.
  • Hit Count does not affect total damage.

Exploration Edit

Pre-Map Edit

  • Before you go out on a map, you can apply life insurance, preventing heavily damaged tools from being destroyed once. Note that life insurance applied on a tool will expire in 3 runs so apply life Insurance wisely.
  • You can also give them a potion that boost a particular stat.

Map Edit

Formation Edit

Safety First 安全第一: Everyone focuses on their own safety.

Pointing and Calling 指差喚呼: Everyone focuses the same target.

Maximum Skill 最筧保証: Everyone casts skills at higher chance.

Supreme Last phase: Everyone get more power during last phase

Speed formation: Increase Agi and Eva

Battle Edit

First Attack Edit

All allies will attack enemies with lower agility than their own. This attack can miss and crit. If both sides AGI are the same, none will perform the first attack. If the enemy team's AGI is higher than your's, they'll attack instead.

Phase 1 Edit

Each side gets a chance applies their support skills. Ranged units step forward. Then, each unit attacks in order based on their speed. Advantageous to long range ken-hime.

Phase 2 Edit

Each side gets another chance to apply their support skill. Melee units step forward. For most support skills, buffs can only be applied once per battle, so if you get the buff in Phase 1, you will not get it in Phase 2. Each unit attacks in order based on their speed. Advantageous to melee ken-hime.

Last Phase Edit

Same as Phase 2, except both sides get a bonus to offensive power and accuracy. Unlike Phase 2, one-time support skills may proc in Last Phase. Each unit attacks in order based on their speed. You cannot enter Last Phase if your leader is damaged, although it doesn't seem possible to lose your unit in Last Phase.

Reinforcement Edit


A notification indicating if you would like to use the Transfer Pearl

This only occurs during events or some maps. While having the said item "Transfer Pearl", you can send at least up to 4 Kenhime teams against the boss (still needs proof) only.

It technically repeats all phases from the start. Very important when dealing on high level maps.

PVP Edit

Arena Battle

An example of a pvp battle

In the Arena, the rules is still followed like the ordinary battle. Except 10 kenhime in both sides are participating in the battle. Both sides are affected by the rules.