Improvement (改良 Kairyō) is a method to strengthen Kenhime by use and forfeit the others as an material for enhancing. Up to 5 Kenhime can be the material(s) for each Improvement.

  • Raise Kenhime's Strength Vitality Agility Technique status.
    • Therefore corresponding HP, attack, defense, accuracy, evasion, and construction specs will increase as well.
  • Status is displayed in blue upon reaching the Improvement Threshold (at Max)
    • Max Threshold raised by 5 sequentially for each 5 levels (Lv1-Lv9 Max Threshold is 5, Lv10 is 10, Lv15 is 15, and so forth).
Improvement Maxed

Improvement surpassed its limit

  • Inherit the improved rate after evolution.
  • There is a term of Great Success, a chance of obtaining higher outcome than the amount of actual value.
    • If it happen, the screen will flashing white shortly in the midst of smoke effect.

Material ValueEdit

  • Standard Value as following:
    • Drifter-type: 1
    • Soldier-type: 1
    • Cavalry-type: 2
    • King-type: 2
    • God-type: 3
  • Rarity is added to heighten the above values:
    • Light Brown +0,
    • Orange +1,
    • Pink +2,
    • Gold +3,
    • Rainbow + 4

WARNING: Don’t forget to put a lock on important Kenhime to avoid mistakes in choosing material!

  • How to protect: Organization > Detail Button > [保護する] = Protect Button

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