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Phillips Screwdriver

No.3 プラスドライバー

Drifter Class

Phillips Screwdriver n
HP 337 Combo 2
Attack 111 Strength 60
Defense 87 Vitality 57
Accuracy 152 Agility 105
Evasion 155 Technique 100
Construction 134 Luck 50
Forte Generic Range Generic
Vitality Lv1
Double Attack
Clairvoyance Lv1

1st UpgradeEdit

Impact Driver Plus

No.3 インパクトドライバープラス

Drifter Class

Impact Driver Plus
HP 452 Combo 2
Attack 126 Strength 70
Defense 102 Vitality 67
Accuracy 167 Agility 115
Evasion 170 Technique 110
Construction 152 Luck 50
Forte Generic Range Generic
Vitality Lv1
Triple Attack
Clairvoyance Lv2

2nd UpgradeEdit

TF Driver Plus

No.3 TFドライバープラス

Drifter Class

TF Driver Plus
HP 567 Combo 2
Attack 156 Strength 90
Defense 122 Vitality 77
Accuracy 197 Agility 134
Evasion 199 Technique 130
Construction 182 Luck 50
Forte Generic Range Generic
Vitality Lv3
Quadruple Attack
Evasion Support Lv2
Clairvoyance Lv3

Trivia Edit

  • Title:
    • Phillips Screwdriver: 螺旋の盗賊団 / Screw Thieves
    • Impact Driver Plus: 螺旋の盗賊団頭領 / Screw Thieves Boss
    • TF Driver Plus: 螺旋の大盗賊団頭領 / Screw Thieves Big Boss

Quotes Edit

Event Japanese English Note
Description ボクの名前は、プラスドライバーだよ。

プラスねじを締めるのが、主な仕事だよ。 マイナスねじを締めるのが、マイナスドライバーで、ボクの相棒なんだよ♪

My name, Phillips Screwdriver.

To tighten the Phillips Screws, is my primary job. To tighten the Minus Screws, is Flathead Screwdriver's, my pal ♪

Log In へっへっへー!今日もいっぱい、稼がせてもらおっと! Heh heh he~! Lets earn a lot of money today, too!
Introduction (Rescued) 助けてくれてありがとう!ボクは、プラスドライバー!


Thanks for your help! I'm, Phillips Screwdriver!

I heard that if I join you guys, it would be problematic for the prey ♪

Introduction (Captured) あっははは……ドジ踏んじゃった。ボクは、プラスドライバー!


Ahhahaha…… I was careless. I'm, Phillips Screwdriver!

Put me to your fella!

Main Screen 欲しい獲物があったらいつでも相談に乗るよ! Consult with me anytime you want a prey!
マイナスドライバーと僕は最ッ高のコンビだよ! Flathead Screwdriver and me are really great combination!
オヤカタ、くすぐったいよ Master, it's ticklish
Party Tab 少人数のほうがバレにくいよ~?って、あっいや、こっちだけの話だよ~。 Small group is harder to be exposed, isn't it~? Heh, A-Nay, it's just a tale~
Status これが、ボクのステータスだよ。 This is, my status.
すばしっこさには自信があるんだ! I have confidence in speed!
マイナスドライバーとー、ボク!どっちのほうが強いかなー? Flathead Screwdriver and.., Me! Which is stronger?
Added to Party よ~し、かっせぐぞ~。 Alright~ activity~!
Construction - Survey Tab さぁ~て、お仕事の時間だね? Soo~ it's time to work?
Begin Construction へっへっへー、お仕事頑張るよー! Heh heh he~ let's work hard~!
今回も華麗に終わらせるよ! Even now I'll end it splendidly!
Construction Skill ネジ締めなら、ボクにお任せ! Tightening screws, leave it to me!
華麗に決めるよ! Excellent decision!
Floor Completed フロアが完成したよ! Floor was completed!
Expansion Completed 増築が完了したよ! Extension has completed!
Floor Rank Up フロアがランクアップしたよ! Floor was ranked up!
Begin Survey 探索、開始するよー。 Explore, starting~
よーし、一稼ぎするぞー! Alright~ productivity~!
Treasure Chest Found おぉ!お宝だー!なっかーみはなーんだろな~♪ Ooh! Treasure~! I wonde~r what the conte~nt is~♪
Imprisoned Kenhime Found 誰か捕まってるっぽいね。どうしよっか? Someone is caught. What should we do?
Combat いくよー! Go!
突くよ! Thrust!
Combat Skill バラバラにするよ! Crushed to pieces!
ねじこむよ! Screwed!
Defensive Skill
Aid Skill
Taking Damage 痛くないよ! Doesn't hurt!
カスリ傷にもなってないよ! Not even a scratch!

(Light Damage)

いったたたたた!ちょっとタンマー! Ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch! Wait a min!

(Heavy Damage)

うー!ちょっとは手加減しようよー! Uh! Try to go easy on me just a little!

(Leader Heavily Damaged)

このままじゃ危険だ、ここは一端ずらかろう Dangerous at this state, has reached the limit


っへへ……ドジ、踏んじゃった……。オヤカタ……ごめんなさ…… Eeh…… I, blundered…… Master…… I'm sorr……
Insurance Activated あっあぶなかったぁー!もう同じ轍は踏まないよ! Thaat was dangerous~! Don't stepped on another identic furrow! In Japanese, this quote also mean that don't follow another person's mistake
Pursuit へっへー!身ぐるみ全部、剥がさせてもらうよー! Heh he~! All of your belongings, We're going to take it~!
Victory もうカモはいなくなったみたいだね! another obstacle seems to have gone!
Ace へっへっへー!大漁、大漁!がっぽりと稼がせてもらったよ~。 Heh heh he~! What a big catch! I've earned a lot~
Continue Survey さ~て、お宝はまだまだあるかな~? Well~ wonder if there's still a treasure~?
Ending Survey 今回はここまでっと!ま、こんなものだね。 Made it this far! Well, it's such a thing.
Returned to Base ただいま~。もう、歩き疲れた~。 I'm home~ Geez, tired of walking~
Capture オヤカタ、獲物がエサに食らいついたよ! Master, a prey has eaten the bait unconsciously!
Improved ネジ締め速度が上がったかも! Screw tightening speed raised!
へへっ!仕事のテクが上がったかも! Hehe! Technique in works raised!
Evolve/Upgrade 1st Evolution: インパクトドライバープラス!それが僕の新しい名前だよ。今の僕なら、誰が相手でも捕まる気がしないよ!

2nd Evolution: トランスフォームドライバープラス、それがボクの新しい名前だよ! 今ならどんな場所でも仕事がこなせる気がするから、期待しててね!

1st Evolution: Impact Driver Plus! That's my new name. The current me, who won't be caught even by the enemy!

2nd Evolution:

Rest - Bathhouse Tab そろそろ、お休みしたいなー。 Soon, I want to rest~
Resting (Minor) さぁーて、腕を休ませようかなぁ! Well well, maybe I want to rest my arm!
Resting (Severe) いったたたたた…これじゃ仕事は当分お休みかなー。 Ouch ouch ouch… It seems I have to take a day off for some time~
Drinking Coffee おおぉ!目が冴えてきたよ! Ooh! My eyes become clearer!
Drinking Ether よ~し、今日はバンバン飲むぞ~!
Drinking Ether

(Leave to Use)

Enter During her Bath Time お、オヤカタ!?ちょっと、何堂々と入ってきてるんだよ! Ma, Master!? Wait, why you come here unreservedly!?
Bathing は、恥ずかしいよぉ……。 I-It's embarrassing, you know……
は、早く出てってよぉ……。 G-Go out quickly……
うぅ、ボ、ボクだって一応女の子なんだよ?オヤカタぁ~! Uh, am, am I even looks like a young girl at all? Masteer~!
Player Profile tab この塔、どんどん高くなってるね! This tower, is getting higher and higher!
Idle しめしめ、オヤカタがいないうちに、お仕事でもしますか! In the end, while Master is absence, What would I do with work!?
Main Screen (Drunk) オヤカタなんて辞めてー、ボクたちと組もうよ~ Master stop it~! Are you want to join us~
オヤカター、無礼講だよー。のめのめー Master~ it's Bureiko~ Don't be ashamed~ Bureiko (literally means "No punishment on immodesty"), a Japanese term used in drinking party that ignores all positions within the company.
オヤカター、飲まないならー、ボクがもらっちゃうよー? Master~ If you don't drink~ can I do it for you~?
Party Tab (Drunk) マイナスドライバーと、一緒の班がいいな~。 Flathead Screwdriver, great if teamed up with me~
Added to Party (Drunk) へへっ、がっぽり稼がせてもらうよ! Hehe! We're going to earn a lot!
Construction - Survey Tab (Drunk) お仕事~、お仕事~! Work~ work~!
Begin Construction (Drunk) さぁて、そろそろちゃんとしないと。マイナスドライバーにも怒られちゃうなぁ。 Weell, if don't work properly, I would be scolded by Flathead Screwdriver.
Floor Completed (Drunk) へへっ、フロア完成だよっ。 Hehe, Floor complete.
Floor Expanded (Drunk) へへっ、増築完了だよ! Hehe, extension complete!
Floor Rank Up (Drunk) へへっ、フロアランクアップだよ♪ Hehe, Floor rank up ♪
Begin Survey (Drunk) やっば、もう出発じゃーん!早く準備しなくちゃー! Oh no, another exploration, isn't it~?! I'm not quite ready~!
Capture (Drunk) さあ、身包みを置いてってもらおうかー!なーんてね♪ Now, is somebody got wrapped up for you~!? What a gift ♪
Improved (Drunk) ボクの仕事テク、見切れる人なんていないんだから~ My work technique, nobody has seen it all~
よーし!どれくらい強くなったか、試してみよ~っと♪ Alright~! Just how strong I am? Try me ♪
Rest - Bathhouse Tab (Drunk) オヤカタも、一緒に休む? Master, wanna rest together?
Player Profile tab (Drunk) これは、登り降り大変そうだねー。 This, I'm very likely to climb down~
Idle (Drunk) っへへー、今のうちにー、オヤカタの持ち物、はいけーん! Hee~ I see~ Master's personal stuffs, right now~

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