Wheelbarrow 2 sai

No.31 猫車二才

Soldier Class

Wheelbarrow 2 Year Old
HP 385 Combo 2
Attack 119 Strength 70
Defense 105 Vitality 70
Accuracy 149 Agility 99
Evasion 149 Technique 100
Construction 144 Luck 50
Forte Construction Range Melee
Vitality Lv2
Powerful Strike Lv1
Defense Wall Lv1


Wheelbarrow 3 sai

No.31 猫車三才

Soldier Class

Wheelbarrow 3 Year Old
HP 500 Combo 2
Attack 134 Strength 80
Defense 120 Vitality 80
Accuracy 164 Agility 109
Evasion 164 Technique 110
Construction 162 Luck 50
Forte Construction Range Melee
Vitality Lv2
Powerful Strike Lv2
Defense Wall Lv2

2nd UpgradeEdit

Two-Wheeled Wheelbarrow

No.31 猫車二輪

Soldier Class

Two-Wheel Wheelbarrow
HP 587 Combo 2
Attack 163 Strength 100
Defense 135 Vitality 85
Accuracy 189 Agility 129
Evasion 191 Technique 125
Construction 187 Luck 50
Forte Construction Range Melee
Vitality Lv3
Powerful Strike Lv3
Defense Wall Lv4

Trivia Edit

  • Title:
    • Wheelbarrow 2 sai: 陽気な配達員 / Cheerful Courier
    • Wheelbarrow 3 sai: 俊足の配達員 / Swift Courier
    • Two-Wheeled Wheelbarrow: 音速の配達員 / Supersonic Courier
  • Nekoguruma, her Japanese name, literally means ‘cat car/cat wheel’. The etymology derived from imagery, as wheelbarrow can easily fit and slip into narrow spaces, just like cats. And it makes sound similar to a purring cat when moves along rugged terrain.
  • 1 sai (才) = 1 cubic shaku (尺), or about 0.0278m3, as 1 shaku is 0.303m. Used for freight or building material.
    • Therefore, 2 sai and 3 sai are equal to 0.0556m3 and 0.0834m3, respectively.

Quotes Edit

Event Japanese English Note
Description ワタシ、猫車二才と言いますニャ。

ネコって呼んでほしいですニャ。 資材の運搬が得意ですニャ。 あと、二才は年齢じゃにゃくて、荷台の大きさを表していますニャ。

Mew, commonly dubbed as Nekoguruma (Wheelbarrow) 2 sai-nya.

I want you to call mew Neko-nya. My specialty is transporting goods-nya. Also, 2 sai is not my age, it represents the load capacity-nya.

sai (才) is a simpler version of 歳 (years old), as well as Japanese unit of volume.
Log In オヤカタ様、本日は何をしますかニャ My Master, what are you doing today-nya?
Introduction (Rescued) 助けてくれてありがとうございますニャ!


Thank you for helping mew-nya!

My nyame is Nekoguruma-nya. Please keep mew in your favor from now on-nya ♪

Introduction (Captured) 捕まった相手には、一生仕えるのが一族の掟ニャ!


Caught by other party, means serving under the clan laws for a lifetime-nya!

My nyame is, Nekoguruma-nya. Please keep mew in your favor from now on-nya ♪

Main Screen 荷物運びなら私にお任せ下さいなのニャ Leave it to mew If you have goods to be carried-nya
誠心誠意オヤカタ様にお仕えしますのニャ I will serve My Master in all sincerity-nya
はにゃーん、オヤカタ様のマッサージは気持ちいいニャア Wanyaan~ My Master's massage feels good-nya
Party Tab 人事ですかニャ Officialdom-nya?
Status これが、私のステータスですニャ This is, my status-nya
私のこと、よーく見てくださいニャ Its about mew, please look carefully-nya
あまり見られると、恥ずかしいですニャ Don't see too much, it's embarrassing-nya
Added to Party 私にお任せくださいニャ You can count on mew-nya
Construction - Survey Tab お仕事ですかニャ? Employment-nya?
Begin Construction 建築開始だニャ Start construction-nya
お仕事に行ってきますニャ I'm going to work-nya
Construction Skill 資材の運搬はお任せくださいニャ Please leave material transportation to mew-nya
これで仕事の効率アップだニャ This work efficiency rise up-nya
Floor Completed フロアが完成しましたニャ Floor was completed-nya
Expansion Completed 増築が完了しましたニャ Extension has completed-nya
Floor Rank Up ランクがアップしましたニャ Rank was up-nya
Begin Survey 探索開始だニャ Start explore-nya
探索に行ってきますニャア I'm going to explore-nyaa
Treasure Chest Found 宝箱ですにゃ、嬉しいニャン A Treasure Chest-nya, I'm happy-nyan
Imprisoned Kenhime Found オヤカタ様!誰かいますニャ。 My Master! There's someone-nya.
Combat ふにぁぁ Funyaa
喰らうニャ Take this-nya
Combat Skill 必殺技だニャァ! Special Move-nyaa!
痛いのいくニャ Taste the pain-nya
Defensive Skill 車体でガードするニャア



Car Body Guard-nyaa


How about this-nya

She using the wheelbarrow as her shield
Aid Skill
Taking Damage かすり傷ですニャ A scratch-nya
全然痛くないニャ It doesn't hurt at all-nya

(Light Damage)

これ以上はやらせないのニャ Don't do more than this-nya

(Heavy Damage)

まだ負ける訳にはいかないニャ Cannot afford to keep losing-nya

(Leader Heavily Damaged)

申し訳にゃいのですが、一旦退かせてくださいニャ。 This seems inexcusable but, please let mew withdraw for this time-nya.


オヤカタ様……っ、今まで……っ、大変お世話に……なりました……ニャ My Master……, until now……, thank you very much…… for taking care of mew…… nya
Insurance Activated ??? ???
Pursuit 狙った獲物は逃がさにゃいニャ Don't let the targeted prey escape-nya
Victory オヤカタ様戦闘が終わりましたニャ、もう安全ですニャ My Master, the battle is over-nya, its already safe-nya
Ace オヤカタ様ぁ、私の事、褒めて欲しいニャア My Masteer, Its mew, I want to be praised-nyaa
Continue Survey まだまだ奥まで行きますニャ Keep going as far as possible-nya
Ending Survey さあ、お家に帰りますニャア Now, let's go back to home-nyaa
Returned to Base 探索班が戻ってきましたニャ The survey team has come back-nya
Capture 罠に何かかかってますニャ、十分注意して欲しいですニャ There's somewthing got caught in the trap-nya, I want you to be careful-nya
Improved 力がついてきましたニャ thoroughly with force-nya
私少し強くなりましたニャ I became a little stronger-nya
Evolve/Upgrade 1st Evolution: これでより大きい資材も運べるようになりましたニャ

2nd Evolution: オヤカタ様のために、またまた変身だニャ!猫車二輪!これからも、もっと可愛がって欲しいのですニャ!

1st Evolution: Now I can carry even larger materials with this-nya

2nd Evolution: For My Master, I transformed once again-nya! Two-Wheeled Wheelbarrow! From now on, I want to be loved more-nya

Rest - Bathhouse Tab お休みですかニャ? Rest-nya?
Resting (Minor) ひにゃたぼっこでも してくるですニャ Come join sunbathing-nya
Resting (Severe) 少しお休みが欲しいですニャ I want to take a nyap-nya
Drinking Coffee もっといっぱい欲しいニャ Want to drink more-nya
Drinking Ether オヤカタ様……もう少し構ってほしいですニャ My Master…… I want a little more-nya
Drinking Ether

(Leave to Use)

ニャニャニャ!?不思議な味がしますニャ……。 Nyanyanya!? What a strange taste-nya……
Enter During her Bath Time オ、オヤカタ様、言ってくだされば、いつでもお見せしますニャ My, My Master, if you've said it before, I'll show you anytime-nya
Bathing オヤカタ様、濡れちゃいますニャ My Master, I'll be wet-nya
あ、洗ってくださらなくても、大丈夫ですニャ P-Please don't wash mew, it's okay-nya
…………もしよければ、い、一緒に入りませんかニャ? …………If you want, w-why don't we enter together-nya?
Player Profile tab これが塔の状況ですニャ This is the tower circumstance-nya
Idle オヤカタ様ぁ……お仕事しにゃくても、大丈夫ですかニャ? My Masteer…… is it okay, to not work-nya?
Main Screen (Drunk) これからも……オヤカタ様にお仕えできるのかニャ…… From now…… how can I serve you My Master-nya……
オヤカタ様のお役に立ててにゃいのかニャ…… Am I not useful to you, My Master-nya……
わたしの事、見捨てにゃいで欲しいニャ…… Its mew, don't abandon mew-nya……
Party Tab (Drunk) わたしを外さにゃいで欲しいニャ Don't remove mew-nya
Added to Party (Drunk) 一生懸命……がんばりますニャ I'll do my best…… as hard as I can-nya
Construction - Survey Tab (Drunk) お仕事……ですかニャ Employment…… nya?
Begin Construction (Drunk) お仕事、頑張りますニャ A job, I'll do my best-nya
Floor Completed (Drunk) フロアが完成しましたニャ Floor was completed-nya
Floor Expanded (Drunk)
Floor Rank Up (Drunk) ランクがアップしましたニャ Rank was up-nya
Begin Survey (Drunk) あまり……お側から離れにゃいでくださいニャ please…… don't leave from my side too much-nya
Capture (Drunk) 罠ににゃにか、かかってますニャ There's something in the trap, caught up-nya
Improved (Drunk) 他の子に負けにゃいくらい、強くにゃらにゃきゃ Not to be outdone by another girl, I want to become stronger-nya kya
こんにゃんじゃ、まだまだ不安ですニャ Konnyanja, still feel anxious-nya
Rest - Bathhouse Tab (Drunk) お休み……ですかニャ Rest…… nya?
Player Profile tab (Drunk) これが、塔の状況ですニャ…… This is, tower circumstance-nya……
Idle (Drunk) オヤカタ様ぁ……寂しいですニャ…… My Masteer…… I'm lonely-nya……

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